Twerking 101 With TwerkShopChicago
Presented by Kookie Daniels, Dancer And Twerk Instructor

Join twerk and dance instructor Kookie Daniels for an interactive seminar focused on the basics of twerking. Be prepared to shake your bootay! Twerkshop Chicago is a hilariously fun-filled workshop filled with jokes and 8 counts to keep you laughing, dancing and feeling extremely confident! Learn how to twerk it to the latest club songs and classic Chicago Juke Mixes that will make you break a sweat! Wear comfortable shoes and get ready to embrace twerk like never before.



Jasmine (Kookie) Daniels is a seasoned dancer and entertainer hailing from the city of Chicago. She has been technically trained in Ballet, Hip hop and has studied the works of famous dancer Catherine Dunham for years. Over the past three years she has developed a dance company that focuses on the dance desires of women of all levels, sizes and ethnicities. She currently teaches 3 classes “Tease me” (Sexy, soul dropping bedroom moves), “Twerkshopchicago,” her most popular, faster paced, booty popping class & “Slayfest” A feminine hip hop inspired class that will tickle your fancy! Kookie has taken the city of Chicago by storm and is currently touring various cities around the US with her classes. She is known to be unconventional, beyond hilarious, vivacious and a thorough instructor.