Press Here for More Options: G-Spot Play for Fun and Ejaculation
Presented by Sarah Sloane, Sexual & Relationship Educator

So, you’re a pro at getting yourself (or your partner) off in dozens of ways – but have you checked out your G-spot lately? The G-spot, or Grafenberg Spot, is a sensitive place that can be coaxed into adding some serious zing to your solo or partnered play…and it’s not as mysterious as you might think! Come spend an hour with Sarah Sloane and learn how to find it, touch it, stroke it, vibrate it, toy with it, and make it squirt!



Sarah Sloane has been teaching people the ins and outs of sexuality, kink, and relationships for over 15 years. Her teaching, writing, and coaching are based from a sex positive and affirming standpoint, and she believes that every person has the ability to have the kinds of sex and relationships that make their hearts sing. You can learn more about Sarah on her website,